Plastic Pollution in Pictures

These are only a few pictures, but they show the huge problem that we are facing when it comes to plastic pollution.

Kilninian beach, Isle of Mull, Scotland.

Plastic pollution in the Caribbean Sea.

Plastic pollution in Mumbai, India.

The South Pacific island of Tuvalu.

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Bird with stomach full of plastics.

A man on a make-shift canoe surrounded by floating plastic trash.

A seal entangled in plastic netting on Bird Island, Antarctica.

Bottles, bottles, bottles...

Yamuna River, New Delhi.

Plastic pollution in Indonesia.

A man gathers plastic at a waste water evacuation canal in the Ebrie Lagoon, Abidjan.

Turtles such as this leatherback often become tangled in discarded fishing gear.

A father and son on a makeshift styrofoam boat paddle through the river in Manila, The Philippines.