As We Are Now

Anette Miwa Dimmen often wondered why high quality, sustainable fabrics and materials were so hard to find in popular retail products for women. She realized that the link between innovation, design, sustainability and branding connecting smart products with modern women was missing. As a result, women like herself who want not only smart functionality at affordable prices but also contemporary design and brand values corresponding with their own, have very limited options. 

The idea for the As We Are Now (AW:AN) lounge & sleepwear collection came after Anette was introduced to the amazing qualities of natural, technical fibers while developing a line of active wear for a client. She started to imagine how perfect these textiles would be for the night dresses she dreamed of wearing, but couldn't find anywhere. When Anette got pregnant her desire for super comfortable sleep and loungewear that would also meet her style requirements became even stronger: “This is when I decided that I wanted to make lounge and sleepwear, starting with beautiful nightdresses, for myself and every other modern woman out there wanting a better option than what is available in this category today.”

Photo: Lars Botten

Photo: Lars Botten

AW:AN was born in 2018, a Norwegian lifestyle brand with a mission to redefine and upgrade traditional product categories to meet the demands of modern women. The latest research is used to find the most sustainable technical fabrics and smart materials available today, and these are matched with beautiful, modern and feminine problem solving design – always giving equal importance to comfort and style. 

Based on modern feminine aesthetics, AW:AN wants to connect women with the latest innovations in textiles, materials and intentional design, without losing touch with how they actually live their lives today - as we are now. The first product line is a collection of luxurious 24h lounge dresses inspired by Nordic living, designed to look effortlessly cool and sensual. AW:AN dresses are both timeless and current. They don´t look at all like traditional sleepwear but rather like your favorite daywear dresses. They are made in the softest, most comfortable fibers available (like Tencel from eucalyptus and Cupro from cotton linter), with technical properties normally found in high quality active wear. The dresses are machine washable and will keep their shape and quality for a long, long time if handled correctly. 

AW:AN will not follow the traditional seasonal launch schedule for fashion, but rather launch limited product drops based on market demand and new innovation. Anette believes this is a more sustainable way forward.

Based: Oslo, Norway.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Timeless, flattering, versatile and season-less lounge dresses, as perfect for night as for day. I guess our category is loungewear and sleepwear, but the dresses are equally suitable as resort wear or even daywear.

Mission: To challenge and redefine traditional product categories, and by that to empower women to lead easier, more stress-free lives. 

Vision: As We Are Now (AW:AN) wants to be a lifestyle brands with a forward thinking and holistic approach to style, comfort, sustainability and inclusivity. We believe women should not have to choose between looking good, feeling good and having a good conscience. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem.


Photo: Lars Botten

Photo: Lars Botten