Little Llama

The driving forces behind Little Llama are Helle and Nicoline Løvschall – a successful mother and daughter team. While travelling in Peru, Nicoline got to know about baby alpaca wool, which is one of the world's most exclusive yarns and is the main component of the Little Llama children’s fashion collection today. Helle has many years of professional experience working with children and allergies in the Danish hospital service, and she also has a great natural focus on caring for children through a healthy environment. Together they set up a sustainable children’s clothing brand, which aims to provide parents with comfortable, luxurious and hypoallergenic clothing for their children, whilst at the same time working in harmony with the environment and Peruvian society.

In its production of comfortable and luxurious children’s clothing, Little Lama is committed to sustainable and ethical practices and to working with yarn that is extracted in the most natural way. At the same time, they focus on fair trade with farmers and yarn producers in Peru so that everyone who helps to produce the popular range of baby and children’s clothes, benefits fairly.

Alpaca yarn is one of the world's most exclusive fibers which is found in different variations of fineness and softness. The baby alpaca yarn is finer than normal alpaca yarn so it feels softer against the skin. Baby alpaca refers to the softest part of the fur on an adult alpaca, which is located in the abdominal region, and does not refer to the fur of small alpaca foals that one could be led to be believe. Little Llama only produces its baby and children’s clothes using pure natural materials of 100% baby alpaca or 80% baby alpaca and 20% silk. No synthetic fibers such as acrylic, etc. are added to any of their products. The alpaca lives in the harsh natural environment of the mountains in South America, where there is a wide change of temperature that can range from up to +20 degrees during the day and down to -30 degrees at night. Therefore, the alpaca fur has adapted to these temperature differences. The fur is five times as warm as sheep's wool and has the advantage that it keeps the wearer very naturally warm, but at the same time not too warm because it allows the body to get rid off the excess heat. The explanation can be found in the combination of the structure and the fibers. Alpaca fur is made of hairs - not wool - that are hollow and contain microscopic air bubbles. The fur therefore has a fantastic insulation ability that can keeps the wearer warm on cold winter days and nights. At the same time, the smooth fibers of the hair help the excess heat to easily disappear. All these qualities combined make it the perfect material to use for our beautiful range of soft and luxurious baby and children’s clothes. Baby alpaca feels soft, flexible and smooth, and since the fibers are exceptionally strong and elastic, you can have your knit product for many years. The baby alpaca wool also has a natural shine that gives an exclusive look. There are different varieties of alpaca, which are divided according to fineness: Royal alpaca, baby alpaca and regular alpaca. An additional advantage of the fine knit products is that they are less likely to produce lint and they can be kept beautiful for years with the right handling and washing. Little Llama is not vegan, but made only of natural materials. The animals (alpaca's) are treated well, live in free nature and only get their fur cut 1-2 per year, when they have excess hair.

The ultimate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is a sustainable design. Little Llama´s design process takes into account the environment and the consumption of resources. One of the great advantage of using alpaca yarn for the clothing is that the products rarely need to be washed, which makes them more environmentally friendly. At the same time, the strong and elastic yarn ensures the durability of your knit products so that they last for many years. At Little Llama they encourage you to recycle the products when your child cannot fit into them anymore. Therefore, they have collaborated with the recycling shop Joseline CPH.

Little Llama's products are knitted in 100% baby alpaca yarn and 80% baby alpaca yarn combined with 20% silk. Little Llama is the only company producing children’s clothing in baby alpaca with silk, which is the softest yarn on the market. That's why Little Llama's baby and children's clothing is great for your child to have on the body. The fibers of the alpaca are finer than sheep’s and lamb’s wool and are therefore silky soft, which makes it particularly suitable for children's clothes and other products worn directly on sensitive skin. Little Llama's baby alpaca products are hypoallergenic products that should not cause irritation or itching, since baby alpaca does not contain lanolin, as wool products do. If you are allergic to normal wool, you can therefore normally wear clothes made in baby alpaca. 

Based: Denmark.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: We make children's clothing made of 100% baby alpaca or 80% baby alpaca / 20% silk.

Mission: To provide children’s clothing with Scandinavian design combined with unique details and the softest quality of yarn.

Vision: To change consumer behaviour, to create more focus on sustainable and long-lasting materials and fashion, instead of cheap 'made in China' fashion, where you only think about what's fashionable for the next months and focus only on the price.