Ninefoot was launched by Lucia Roman, who previously worked as a designer in the fashion industry. She felt that something is changing in consumers´ mentality. People are getting more involved and conscious, about their bodies, minds and the environment. More and more people start meditating, surfing or doing yoga. They are getting out of their comfort zone. Awareness is starting to reach more and more consumers (refusing plastic straws), companies (changing packaging) and governments (banning the use of plastics). Lucia believes that the change that is happening is heading to a better place, where we can live more in balance with mother earth and give her the space and time she needs to heal.

Ninefoot is dedicated to create sustainable products that we can wear proudly wherever we go making a positive impact in communities where we live and work. By following a creative process where materials play a fundamental part, both in style and in philosophy. By using recycled fabrics (ECONYL), Ninefoot reduces the amount of waste. With every test and every adjustment the products weave stories of friends, long talks and freedom. All garments are intentionally designed and handcrafted in Indonesia.

Based: Bali, Indonesia.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Surf swimwear, Everything, from one-pieces with and without sleeves to bikinis, two pieces, high and low bottoms and also tops. All the pieces are tested to stay on even when the water gets rough.

Mission: To empower other women to surf, trying to create a more female and fun line up. I do that by designing trendless and sustainable products, while sharing my story and my experience.

Vision: To create a lifestyle brand inspired by the surf culture, and all the creative minds there are around it. I see this project more like a design studio than just a clothing brand, where I would like to bring artists  to constantly collaborate with me doing new things. After working for a long time in fashion, I wanted to create something completely different here, where design and quality are more important than just the current trend, and where sustainability and recycling are key, as a way to give materials a second life.