Nuage Kids

Nuage means cloud in French. Clouds evoke the carefree days of childhood spent lying in the grass gazing at the sky. Imagination. Simplicity. Freedom. Nuage Kids is a small business based in the suburbs of Paris, France. Born out of a love for design, illustration, animals, nature and of course children. Founded by Jade Rae, an Australian designer/maker who has lived in France since 2010.

Nuage Kids aims to dress kids comfortably and stylishly without harming our earth. They believe in quality over quantity and strive to make the highest quality garments from premium organic cotton so they last as long as possible. They refuse to exploit the people involved in the production of our products and they support small businesses- especially the mother-run ones! 

The raw materials come from GOTS certified companies based in India and Europe. The patterned fabric is digitally printed by a friend of Jade, Jabaresh, in India. Jade choses digitally printing because it is waterless. This is a very important point because the number one environmental risk factor in textiles is water pollution. To reduce overproduction all garments are made to order and all the fabric scrapes are recycled. Also, the packaging is either recyclable or biodegradable.  

Based: Paris, France.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Organic baby and children wear (up to 5 years old).

Mission: To inspire parents to create a sustainable wardrobe for their little ones. We want them to not only buy new organic clothing but also to look for pre-loved pieces. The aim is to avoid fast fashion and to try to give an item a long life by repairing and passing it on when it no longer fits. We also encourage our customers to be conscious of the kinds of laundry products they use. 

Vision: A world where the fashion industry no longer endangers the lives of the people who work in the fields and the factories or the person who wears the end product. That the communities surrounding these places are safe from the dangerous chemicals that are currently being used by non-organic factories and by most big brand companies. That the clothing will be reused, repaired and recycled and never end up in landfill.