Rabbit Hole

Katinka and Gabriëlle are an innovative design duo that have been successfully working together in baby and children's fashion for over 10 years. Because of their passion for design and sustainability in combination with their successful way of working together they decided to set up a brand with their own vision. This leap into the deep, their discovery of a circular system and their surprising designs is what Rabbit Hole stands for. With a nod to 'Alice in wonderland' down the rabbit hole; adventure to the unknown!

Rabbit Hole produces sustainable jumpsuits for babies aged 0-1 years. The jumpsuits are designed in Arnhem with an eye for comfort, fit and practicality. The patterns on the garments are drawn by hand and made of 100% high quality, soft organic cotton. Rabbit Hole finds it very important to know with whom they work and under what circumstances. That is why they have carefully selected their manufacturer in Portugal that works with respect for people and the environment. Portugal is also close to the design studio, so transportation is minimized.

Rabbit Hole consciously produces their collection in limited quantities. A digital printing technique is used which results in up to 90% less water consumption and less residual waste. They also deliberately opted for 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is better than ordinary cotton for the environment. No toxins, fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides are used. It requires less water than ordinary cotton. Plus choosing one material and not a mix of materials recycling of the clothing is much easier. Packaging and shipping methods have also been carefully selected. All this to waste as little as possible.

Baby clothing is an item that is worn for a short time because babies grow rapidly. The jumpsuits are available in the combination sizes 50/56, 62/68 to 74/80. The combination sizes ensure that you can enjoyment our garment for the maximum time possible. For practical comfort they have made an extra- long front closure, so that the jumpsuit can be put on or taken off easily and does not have to go over your baby's head.

At the moment, Rabbit Hole is working towards a circular system of new and used collections with multiple users. Once your baby doesn’t fit the jumpsuit you purchased, you can send the it back to Rabbit Hole. There they inspect the jumpsuit, after which it is either washed and repaired for entry into our used collection or we recycle the materials into new products. In the future Rabbit Hole´s circular system will look like this:

At this moment, the system is still in a test phase and you could become one of the testers. Create an account and find out more.

Based: Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Baby clothes. Durable and beautiful baby clothes for babies from 0-1 years made with respect for people and the environment. We started with a compact collection of box sets for babies from 0-1 years old. The perfect jumpsuit in 100% organic soft cotton of high quality, comfortable, good fit and executed in 3 beautiful designs. Everything is made in Portugal with respect for people and the environment.

Mission: Let´s go on a zero waste journey!

Vision: To see the entire fashion industry being circular. We stand for sustainability in the broadest sense of the word; how do you deal with people, raw materials and the world. We are working towards a circular system of new and used collections with multiple users. Rabbit Hole ensures together with you to produce as little waste as possible and a clean future for all children.

URL: https://rabbitholekids.com/en/