Suit Matters

SUIT Matters, founded by Mirjam Carels and Rosa Kleve, originated from a passion for beautiful and especially healthy skin care products. Their basic values of simplicity, transparency and a no-nonsense attitude are reflected in the products and packaging. Less is more. Sometimes more is necessary. Such as extensive and complete information about ingredients.

At SUIT Matters 100% natural ingredients are used. Organic wherever possible and vegan in any case. No fillers and no fragrance are used and there are no different products for different skin types. Instead, SUIT focuses on taking care of your skin in the best possible way. Their products are all multi-taskers and have a neutral scent so that you can use them day and night.

A conscious choice is also the simplicity of their packaging. What you see is what you get, and that's all you pay for at SUIT. They keep their footprint as small as possible in terms of waste. People, animals and nature are respected. They explicitly disapprove of child labor, animal testing and unnecessary environmental impact. SUIT´s entire DNA is focused on respect and they do not do anything that does wrong. First values, then growth.

Based: Schiedam, The Netherlands.

Ships to: To all countries in Europe but also abroad.

Products: 100% Natural, vegan skincare products.

Mission: To provide natural skincare with the least impact on the environment.

Vision: To be an example to other people and companies and show that skincare made with respect for people, animals and the environment is the way forward.