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Jada Sleep

Jada Sleep believes that sleep is the most important thing you do, it lets you make the most out of your day by making you feel great and think clearly. Their mission is to help you get your best sleep so that you can have your best day. Jada Sleep provides luxury chemical-free products that create the cleanest possible sleep environment, protecting your family’s health and well-being.

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Healthy sleep shouldn’t be difficult to find, and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. When seeing the mattresses available in the market, the people at Happsy saw a need for an organic bed-in-a-box alternative that was attainable by everyone. Why do educated, savvy, environmentally aware consumers buy memory foam, gel infused foam and the like - all made with polyurethane foam, polyester fabrics, glues/adhesives and flame retardants? Because there were no better alternatives. 

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