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Futura Jewelry

Over 2,000 tons of gold is mined for jewelry every year. Family members young and old are injured, and some even die, while working to extract gold from the ore. Local residents are often forcibly displaced to make way for the mine. Waterways and soil are polluted, while mercury and other toxic chemicals destroy ecosystems and harm wildlife and people. It is so bad that the United Nations calls it "a worldwide crisis".

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Tuulikki NYC

Designed in Rockaway and made in New York City, Tuulikki NYC launched from the heart of the Rockaway female surf community. Named after a mythical Finnish goddess responsible for safeguarding the harmony between man and nature, the brand is built upon the idea of equilibrium and is committed to delivering high performance surf wear and serving the environment in equal measure.

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SEPTEMBER the Line is a premium surf and swimwear brand inspired by the modern woman who loves surfing, minimalistic design and Mother Nature.  Designed between New York and Bali, SEPTEMBER the Line’s pieces have a clean aesthetic, are technically engineered for watersports, and produced with sustainable luxury Italian material. Made from a combination of hundred percent regenerated nylon, largely from discarded fishing nets that have been recovered from our oceans and polyester fibers from post-consumer waste.

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