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Nuage Kids

Nuage means cloud in French. Clouds evoke the carefree days of childhood spent lying in the grass gazing at the sky. Imagination. Simplicity. Freedom. Nuage Kids is a small business based in the suburbs of Paris, France. Born out of a love for design, illustration, animals, nature and of course children. Founded by Jade Rae, an Australian designer/maker who has lived in France since 2010.

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Rabbit Hole

Katinka and GabriĆ«lle are an innovative design duo that have been successfully working together in baby and children's fashion for over 10 years. Because of their passion for design and sustainability in combination with their successful way of working together they decided to set up a brand with their own vision. This leap into the deep, their discovery of a circular system and their surprising designs is what Rabbit Hole stands for. With a nod to 'Alice in wonderland' down the rabbit hole; adventure to the unknown!

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