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Siblings Giannis and Garifalia created 3Quarters, a brand that upcycles remaining fabrics of the many awnings that are present at apartments and houses in Athens. After having worked many years abroad, they decided to return to their motherland to work on their dream project and they founded 3QUARTERS in 2015. Committed to the principles of sustainable design, they work intentionally on small-scale production, trying to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion.

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Saint Basics

Everyone deserves a bit of feel-good every day. That is why Saint Basics makes super-soft basics from natural substances such as eucalyptus and organic cotton. Saint Basics products are 95% more environmentally friendly than ordinary products. And 100% free of pesticides, sweatshops, child labor and unfair trade.

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MORI, meaning forest in Japanese, is an innovative company that crafts the world’s softest and highest-quality baby clothes made sustainably. Founded by Akin Onal and Cameron Miller, MORI believes that every moment is worth embracing; from the sleep deprived times to the loving cuddles, every moment is important. That’s why they create products that help to welcome a baby into the world, with a gentle touch from natural materials.

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