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Ninefoot was launched by Lucia Roman, who previously worked as a designer in the fashion industry. She felt that something is changing in consumers┬┤ mentality. People are getting more involved and conscious, about their bodies, minds and the environment. More and more people start meditating, surfing or doing yoga. They are getting out of their comfort zone.

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The Kovac Family

The Kovac Family consists of Christopher and Camilla Kovac, founders and operators, and their daughters Klara and Filippa. The company designs and develops interior products which cause minimum impact on the environment and are easy to recycle. Since its foundation in 2012 The Kovac Family has focused on sustainability as the core value of their business and on researching local and environmentally friendly material.

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SKOT Fashion

SKOT is a purpose driven clothing brand, which offers high quality products that are made in a sustainable way. Clients value SKOT because of the transparent approach towards improving the industry, the inspiring stories about their ambitious journey and because of the quality products they make. The people at SKOT are specialized in the fit and the fabrics, dedicated to give you a comfort feel and a representative look.

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