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Sacred is an ethical, sustainable and eco-driven clothing label from Perth, Western Australia. They focus on environmental and sustainable values by producing ethically sourced and vegan-friendly products. Only earth and skin friendly eco-fibers and fabrics are used; bamboo, hemp and organic cotton.

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Many people are now beginning to realize the negative impact of fashion on people and the environment. Current production processes place economic gains of large companies above environmental and ethical considerations, causing large amount of waste and pollution that threaten people and our planet. Rakha was created with the idea of re-defining classics, considering design for longevity and choosing materials carefully.

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SKOT Fashion

SKOT is a purpose driven clothing brand, which offers high quality products that are made in a sustainable way. Clients value SKOT because of the transparent approach towards improving the industry, the inspiring stories about their ambitious journey and because of the quality products they make. The people at SKOT are specialized in the fit and the fabrics, dedicated to give you a comfort feel and a representative look.

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