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Suit Matters

SUIT Matters, founded by Mirjam Carels and Rosa Kleve, originated from a passion for beautiful and especially healthy skin care products. Their basic values ​​of simplicity, transparency and a no-nonsense attitude are reflected in the products and packaging. Less is more. Sometimes more is necessary. Such as extensive and complete information about ingredients.

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Priya and Divya Kukar had a vision of creating a yoga clothing brand combining comfort and style, while paying homage to yoga’s Indian roots and our heritage. Chaykra reflects their ‘Brindian’ identity, infusing classic British elegance with Indian vibrancy and color. All the clothes are made from breathable fabric and are super soft & comfortable to help you relax and have a truly energizing yoga practice.

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SKOT Fashion

SKOT is a purpose driven clothing brand, which offers high quality products that are made in a sustainable way. Clients value SKOT because of the transparent approach towards improving the industry, the inspiring stories about their ambitious journey and because of the quality products they make. The people at SKOT are specialized in the fit and the fabrics, dedicated to give you a comfort feel and a representative look.

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