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Rabbit Hole

Katinka and GabriĆ«lle are an innovative design duo that have been successfully working together in baby and children's fashion for over 10 years. Because of their passion for design and sustainability in combination with their successful way of working together they decided to set up a brand with their own vision. This leap into the deep, their discovery of a circular system and their surprising designs is what Rabbit Hole stands for. With a nod to 'Alice in wonderland' down the rabbit hole; adventure to the unknown!

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Emroce is an ethical fashion company founded by New Zealander Emma Churchill. Emroce suits are made from Econyl Lycra. Fishing nets and other pre-and post-consumer nylon waste are collected and transformed into functional swim and activewear fabric. Emma creates and adapts her designs in such a way that there is zero waste when it comes to the fabric used. Rather than just cutting away, the designer carefully maps out the fabric so that interlocking shapes can be cut from it.

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