Tuwi London

Tuwi London´s soft blankets and throws, designed in Britain and made in Peru, are made of the the softest baby Alpaca fibers. Baby Alpaca is comparable to cashmere in terms of softness and is perfect for delicate skin, since it is natural, hypoallergenic, non-prickly, breathable, lightweight and has outstanding thermal qualities (bringing warmth in cold weather and keeping the body cool in heat). Founder Kasia McConaghy choose the name tuwi for her brand because it means baby alpaca in Quechua, the language of the Incas.

Alpacas live in South America and graze at high altitudes in the Andes in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. They are friendly, gentle, and inquisitive animals, which for centuries have been bred for their unique fiber. The oldest known records of these charming animals date back to 3,500BC. Living at altitudes ranging from 2,500 to over 4,500 meters over the sea level, alpacas endure extreme climates from freezing nights in winter to scorching heat in summer, and it is this habitat that has helped their fur evolve. Nature designed the perfect insulating fiber and the animals are shorn in a friendly way at appropriate time of the year. Rearing alpacas is more environmentally friendly than rearing other animals for fibers. With one alpaca you can make up to four sweaters, while it takes four goats to produce sufficient cashmere for a single sweater.

Alpacas also graze extensively rather than intensively. Unlike cashmere goats, they do not pull out the roots of the plants which they eat, thus preserving their pastures — a truly eco-friendly attitude. Furthermore alpacas are more rare, with only 4,5mln alpacas worldwide compared to over 430 mln cashmere goats. Alpaca fur comes in range of more than twenty naturally gorgeous colours, from inky black to warm chestnuts and snowy white. It is naturally free of lanolin and other oils found in sheep’s wool, so it’s not prickly and can be worn on the skin without causing irritation. It is also is a reason why the fiber is less likely to pill.

The softest and finest fiber,  known as baby alpaca, does not come from newborn animals and the term is just a type of grading to describe how fine the fiber is (19,5-21,5 microns). It is no wonder that alpaca fibre was once considered a treasure of the ancient Incas. Its fleece is exceptionally soft, hypoallergenic, water repellent, lightweight and very durable. For many years alpaca fiber was a rarity outside South America, but the luxurious texture and softness is becoming more and more popular with the fashion and textile industry. Once a fiber reserved for South American royalty, it is now entering households worldwide.

Kasia has developed two collections: Heritage, featuring beautiful, colorful Liberty of London print trims, and Pure, woven and knitted blankets in neutral colors. The Tuwi collection combines a simple and sophisticated aesthetic with a true commitment to high-quality and a sustainability-driven ethos. Tuwi is also a member of the International Alpaca Association, founded in 1984, in Peru in order to protect the image and reputation of the alpaca fiber and its derivatives and to ensure the highest quality of their products. Tuwi´s products are made on the basis of fair trade (fair trade), which is a trading partnership, based on honesty, dialogue, transparency and respect for employees along the whole manufacturing process, fighting against the huge poverty in the Peruvian Andes, in isolated areas from civilization, carrying aid is not only financial, but also social (housing, education, clothing) for thousands of rural families that make a living from alpacas. With “Alpaca Trademark” certification, each of their products guarantees the highest quality of baby alpaca wool and its origin.

Based: London, UK.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Baby / Homeware / Accessories (Baby blankets, throws, scarves).

Mission: To provide the best quality, sustainable and eco-friendly products made from baby alpaca fibre. Our mission is not only to provide the best products for sensitive skin but at the same time to take care of the planet. Alpaca's are the most eco-friendly wool providing animals. We choose suppliers carefully - they are all involved in the whole production process starting from programs educating herders and supporting their families, through yarn production and the final product. 

Vision: To provide luxury products that are also eco-friendly and sustainable, to improve life conditions of all those involved in the production chain and to take care of the planet.

URL: https://tuwi.co.uk