FRISUR is a multidisciplinary design studio and fashion label based in Berlin and was founded by long-time friends  Stephan Sunder-Plassmann and Thies Meyer. The label blends classic German design with Scanidnavian minimalism and focuses on classic, yet current, designs, carefully chosen materials and high quality. FRISUR is committed to sustainability and all garments are designed in Berlin and produced in Germany and Portugal. Besides fashion design, graphic design and media arts influence their multidisciplinary background and define their way of working.

FRISUR believes sustainability is not a hard thing to achieve: it’s all about attitude and the desire to create a lasting piece. They also managed to combine together two things that never go out of style: high quality fabrics and relaxed, sportswear-inspired fits. With the choice of an interesting high-quality fabric, subtle but surprising combinations, these garments will stay classic yet modern at the same time.

FRISUR has a slow and conscious approach to designing and manufacturing. Unfortunately, the discussion about sustainability is a very blown up topic with a lot of hot air. At FRISUR they try to keep it more simple. It starts with treating people and nature with respect. By communicating honestly, by designing garments that are worth its price and last longer than a season or a trend, by choosing suppliers just within the EU and establishing long-term partnerships where they have the feeling of control. For the founders, the brand is something very personal, something they identify with, and at the end of the day they want to be happy with what they’re doing. They don’t want to tell people what to do, but they´d like to encourage everyone to at least inform themselves and to consume and enjoy fashion in an aware and reflected way. Being sustainable is a mindset, something you always have to work on: keep questioning existing routines and not being scared of the constant challenge to improve the quality and its costs. But in the long run, following this path is valued by the customers and it builds an honest brand identity. Something that is definitely worth it.

Based: Berlin, Germany.

Ships to: So far: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, BeNeLux, France, Spain, Italy, UK, Ireland, Estland, US, Japan... hope the rest will follow soon!

Products: We design full looks for men and women: trousers, shirts, jumpers, knits, dresses & jumpsuits, as well as jackets & coats. The pieces range from elegantly minimal styles as well as more extravagant garments that are always easy to wear and long-lasting.

Mission: Most of our skin is constantly covered in garments. As fashion designers we believe in the responsibility to offer the best fabric textures and surfaces we can find. For this, we explore the sensual diversity of materials and choose our fabrics mindfully.

Vision: Since FRISUR is a personal reflection of our values, we always treat our surroundings with respect. We believe that it is not only desirable but also necessary to establish a trustful and respectful relationship with all our manufacturers and suppliers. Good things can only evolve from healthy and respectful cooperation, and nothing makes us more happy than if the results of our shared efforts come to be part of a content client's wardrobe.