SEPTEMBER the Line is a premium surf and swimwear brand inspired by the modern woman who loves surfing, minimalistic design and Mother Nature.  Designed between New York and Bali, SEPTEMBER the Line’s pieces have a clean aesthetic, are technically engineered for watersports, and produced with sustainable luxury Italian material. Made from a combination of hundred percent regenerated nylon, largely from discarded fishing nets that have been recovered from our oceans and polyester fibers from post-consumer waste. SEPTEMBER the Line uses recycled materials and trims in a bid to help reduce global waste.

The concept behind the brand came from founder and designer, Erika Seiko Togashi, who after many years designing for Patagonia, The North Face, J.Crew and Deus Ex Machina, noticed a lack of simple, yet premium high quality surf and swimwear for women. “I spent so much time looking for the prefect, simple swimsuit for surfing – one that made me feel confident and feminine yet still stayed on after a wipeout and was made from sustainable materials.  It was a lot to ask for. I could only ever find one or the other - a really sporty swimsuit that looked like it’s made for competitive swimming or a really cute swimsuit that wouldn’t stay on past the paddle out.  Frustrated and surprised by the lack of options out there, I knew I couldn’t be the only woman feeling like something was lacking in the surf swimwear market so I took that leap of faith and start designing and producing my own sustainable swimwear.  One and a half years later, SEPTEMBER the Line was launched.” 

Erika thus set out to create a collection that would allow women to feel confident and elegant, whether they are out longboarding, body surfing or simply relaxing on the beach and that is respectful of the environment and its natural resources. The brand’s ethos was created under the guiding belief that as a community, ‘we don’t need a lot of things, we just need a few of the right things’. 

SEPTEMBER is as much a “savoir-vivre” as a fashion brand, allowing women to feel beautiful and confident - in and out of the water.

Based: Between New York, USA, and Bali, Indonesia.

Ships to: Worldwide.

Products: Sustainable surf and swimwear.

Mission: To design and produce beautiful, sustainable and functional swimwear for all woman that allows them to feel beautiful and confident, in and out of the water. To always use the highest quality craftsmanship and recycled/sustainable materials, because sustainable design should not be a luxury, but an affordable option for everyone.  

Vision: To inspire and encourage woman to surf, swim or simply get outside.  Continue to promote positive change through our environmental choices.  Have fun.