Siblings Giannis and Garifalia created 3Quarters, a brand that upcycles remaining fabrics of the many awnings that are present at apartments and houses in Athens. After having worked many years abroad, they decided to return to their motherland to work on their dream project and they founded 3QUARTERS in 2015. Committed to the principles of sustainable design, they work intentionally on small-scale production, trying to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion.

3QUARTERS sources all their raw material locally and adhere to a policy of zero waste. Athens, with its spartan urban landscape, its people and the landscape surrounding the city are their inspiration. Respecting the character and limitations of the fabrics, they have designed a series of bags that are functional, stylish and reliable. Each bag is designed and handcrafted one by one. The color and material combinations are carefully selected and then everything is made and assembled by hand. It takes time and effort, a good eye and many hours of head scratching but is worth the effort. No two bags are the same. Working with limited resources and relying on what is available at the time is a challenge, but this is what makes every bag unique. At 3QUARTERS they take pride in making things slowly, purposefully and with care. They believe in small-scale production, in creating something personal that connects with people; and trying new things is such a rewarding challenge. All products are designed and handcrafted one by one.

Based: Athens, Greece.

Ships to:  We ship everywhere within Europe, and we are currently building a retail network worldwide. We have a permanent presence in stores in Brussels, New York and Kuala Lumpur.

Products:  We produce a collection of shoulder bags, backpacks, clutches and accessories, like lunch-bags, laptop cases and passport covers. Our bags are for urban lovers and travelers, just like we are, exploring the complexities of the modern metropolis.

Mission:  At 3QUARTERS we work with a clear focus on sustainability and upcycling. We believe in a small scale production that defies the demands of today's fast paced consumerism. Therefore we are active members of a global movement whose mission is to make sustainable design popular and accessible, show it is possible to live responsibly.

Vision:  We intentionally work on a small scale production in our workshop in the centre of Athens and promote and envisage a sustainable, slow, socially and environmentally conscious fashion. - started similarly above) Our vision is one of transparency in the production process. We imagine a world where creativity, locality and craftsmanship will lead the way in minimizing our environmental footprint and eliminating waste.

URL: https://3quarters.design