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Suit Matters

SUIT Matters, founded by Mirjam Carels and Rosa Kleve, originated from a passion for beautiful and especially healthy skin care products. Their basic values ​​of simplicity, transparency and a no-nonsense attitude are reflected in the products and packaging. Less is more. Sometimes more is necessary. Such as extensive and complete information about ingredients.

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Squalene, a fat-soluble anti-oxidant that is naturally produced during cholesterol synthesis and occurs in the skin, is the main ingredient of the products at Squalan. This oily substance is produced by people, animals and plants themselves and the first organisms on earth consisted for a large part of squalene. Like similarly structured molecules such as Vitamin E, squalene can help protect against environmental stressors.

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Kaerel Skincare

Esther Keddeman started Kaerel Skincare in 2016 after realizing there were very few personal care products on the market for men. She asked men what they find important in their care products and with those answers she formulated three products that make if easy for men to take care of themselves and of nature: facial cream, shaving cream and shampoo & shower gel. 

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