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As We Are Now

Anette Miwa Dimmen often wondered why high quality, sustainable fabrics and materials were so hard to find in popular retail products for women. She realized that the link between innovation, design, sustainability and branding connecting smart products with modern women was missing. As a result, women like herself who want not only smart functionality at affordable prices but also contemporary design and brand values corresponding with their own, have very limited options. 

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Priya and Divya Kukar had a vision of creating a yoga clothing brand combining comfort and style, while paying homage to yoga’s Indian roots and our heritage. Chaykra reflects their ‘Brindian’ identity, infusing classic British elegance with Indian vibrancy and color. All the clothes are made from breathable fabric and are super soft & comfortable to help you relax and have a truly energizing yoga practice.

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Saint Basics

Everyone deserves a bit of feel-good every day. That is why Saint Basics makes super-soft basics from natural substances such as eucalyptus and organic cotton. Saint Basics products are 95% more environmentally friendly than ordinary products. And 100% free of pesticides, sweatshops, child labor and unfair trade.

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